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I'm a Favorite Friend!


A few years back I had the pleasure of working with a lovely woman named Andie one block east of the famed Rodeo Drive. Together we wrapped gifts, stocked shelves, and sold paper to the posh people of Beverly Hills. Soon Andie tired of the LA traffic and scooted up the coast to Seattle where she and a friend Emily, started Assemble Shop and Studio. One of my favorite parts of Assemble is their blog. Specifically their series called Those Girls, discussing the "peaks and valleys" of running a business,  professional jealousy and struggling to make it all work. Recently Andie approached me for an interview to be a part of their series called Favorite Friends, and I jumped at the chance. Little did I know Andie had been saving a funny piece of memorablia from our days together in 90210.

 Calligraphy by Ms. Helena Bonham Carter (using my pen)

Calligraphy by Ms. Helena Bonham Carter (using my pen)

Thanks Andie & Emily! Read the full interview here