Kathryn Murray Calligraphy


Clear Stamping


Eight and a half years ago when we got married we were looking to save money on the cost of the wedding. One of the ways was to make the invitations ourselves. Rather than spend the money on printing the return addresses and RSVP envelopes we decided to get a rubber stamp that could be used for both. Not only did we have the stamp for the invites, but now we had a cute stamp for our thank you notes and all future correspondence. If by chance you are having the RSVP's go to your parents address, they will have a sweet little bonus gift to use in to the future as well.

This couple (envelopes above) opted for two stamps, one with their names, and one smaller without. This way they got the look of the calligraphy and printed envelopes, while spending less than the cost of printing. If only I had known about the clear acrylic stamps years ago, my invitation envelopes might have been a bit straighter! For more about using the stamps themselves, take a look at this video we made showing the benefits of the clear acrylic stamps.