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Alt & the city


I've just returned to my quiet studio after a few days away in New York to attend the Alt Summit. What a fantastic trip! It went by in a blink, but I have a few things I thought were worth sharing. To see a ton of great photos from the event, take a look at the official Flickr here, all photos by the great Justin Hackworth, sponsored by Atly.

 That's me with my friend and co-conspirator, Julie Goldman of  J. Latter Design . Photo by  Justin Hackworth.

That's me with my friend and co-conspirator, Julie Goldman of J. Latter Design. Photo by Justin Hackworth.

The day began with crafts and coffee, perfectly appointed by the team at Martha Stewart. What a dream space!  



 Our collective reaction.

Our collective reaction.


A few things I have been thinking about from Alt:

- We all look great! I was overly nervous about my hair, my outfit, my purse, etc, etc. The truth is, every person in there looked fantastic. We are a very stylish bunch. 


- We are all up to such cool things! We are all thinking and writing about the human experience whether it be about cooking, design, weddings, fashion, parenting, and creating. 

-We are all artists. Not only are we making writing a regular practice, (for some of us, this does not come easily)  but we are taking photographs and curating constantly. Never has their been an easier time to create and share.

-We are brave. We spent the whole day talking to complete strangers, making new friends, and eating candy with them.


- We are explorers. We are all looking to do something different with our lives than sit in a cube, seeking a re-defined way of working. I spoke to one woman from Vancouver, and another from Alabama, one from Michigan, and one from Oregon. I am sure all fifty states were represented. 

-We are seeking guidance. All of us madly scribbled notes as Grace Bonney of Design*Sponge graciously spoke to us about fearlessness and adapting to change. We all want to hear from those that have blazed the trail, not so we can copy them, but so that we can learn from them and create our own path. 

- I am sure there are 150 other things I could tell you about the business aspect and how networking is important, but I will leave that up to some of the others. Thank you Alt for a truly inspirational event!

 The great wall of cards

The great wall of cards

I would be remiss if I failed  to include this picture of what I saw after leaving the event. Walking the High Line down to meet a friend for dinner and happened to see this serendipitous pairing. Wow, you can't make this stuff up!