Kathryn Murray Calligraphy


Holiday Fete in Silverlake


A few weeks ago I was asked to be a part of a fabulous photo shoot in Silverlake (a.k.a. the Brooklyn of LA). As fall weather finally started to cool down the LA basin, the ladies of TwoFold LA  set a gorgeous table laden with green pears, golden goblets, velvet monogrammed place cards, hand cut leather feathers, and sheepskin seats to keep guests warm. All the photos were taken by photographer Michael Murphree of LiteTrap Weddings. All of the sumptuous details are getting me inspired to set my own holiday table! Take a look below.

Leather feathers and welcome wreaths. Calligraphy by kathrynmurray.com
Welcome Wreath sign by kathrynmurray.com
Leather feather with calligraphy by kathrynmurray.com
Sparkling Pear Cider with calligraphy by kathrynmurray.com
custom menus by kathrynmurray.com
custom menu by kathrynmurray.com
stamped velvet by kathrynmurray.com
buffet sign by kathrynmurray.com
holiday table by TwofoldLA with calligraphy by kathrynmurray.com