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National Letter Writing Month


If you are a fellow stationery lover, then I have no doubt Hello! Lucky and Egg Press are already on your radar. In honor of National Letter Writing Month a.k.a. April, they have launched a campaign to encourage you to write one letter a day for 30 days. The stipulation is that it has to be a real, physical letter, sent in the actual post. No, email doesn't count.  I am joining their challenge, will you?

 Jane Austin's desk. 

Jane Austin's desk. 

Letter writing, for centuries was an integral part to daily life, building relationships, and recording history. Without physical letters to comb through we would hardly know anything about people like Marie Antoinette, or Queen Elizabeth, or Abraham Lincoln. Their letters have helped historians elucidate both the intimate details of their lives and the broader historical context. 

When my grandfather was in the Army, he wrote daily letters to my grandmother. Reading those letters, seventy years later, have helped me to know my grandparents as they were at my age. What happens now? We send thousands of emails that we neither print nor save. How will future generations know us? It is time to send some letters!  Here are a few of my favorite stationery designers and their lovely products:

For more details about their writing challenge, "Write_On," head on over here. They will even send some free stationery to get you started. But, hurry up, it is already the 2nd day! Happy writing!