Kathryn Murray Calligraphy

How to Order

How To Order

So you've decided you want to begin. What's next? Following these simple steps below will help insure your project is completed on-time, on-budget, and without unnecessary errors. 

1. Type everything. 

A Microsoft Word document with names, addresses, and special instructions is the best way to submit your information. You may also copy and paste your info into an email. Excel spreadsheets and handwritten documents will NOT be accepted. 

2. Consider your abbreviations.

Would you like addresses to appear with the word "Street" and "Boulevard" or "St." and "Blvd.?" The same applies to the names of states (California vs. CA) and titles (Mr. vs. Mister) Would you like the word "Apartment" or "Apt" or simply a number sign (#)? Review your list of names and addresses, check spelling, and consider your options for all abbreviations. Once your list is submitted, I will follow it word-for-word without interpretation. 

Here is how I usually suggest formatting:

• Spell everything out (basically, avoid abbreviations)
• Use an ampersand (&) instead of the word "and"
• Use "No. 2" instead of "#2" for apartment numbers.

3. Gather your paper.

When purchasing envelopes, placecards, gift tags, etc. either from a retail store or from a commercial printer, you must provide enough blank pieces to allow for errors. The nib-tipped pen used for calligraphy is subject to occasional ink spillage. This is a normal condition that every calligrapher encounters. To allow for this spoilage, you MUST provide a quantity of blank sheets that exceeds your list by 15%. Example: if you have 100 envelopes that need to be addressed, you must provide 115 blank envelopes at the start of the project. This is especially important if your envelopes (or other items) are first being printed by a commercial printer. Be sure to request that your printer provides an extra 15% beyond the quantity required to satisfy your list. 

4. Contact Me

You can reach me by phone or email. We'll determine your needs and discuss quantities, timeline, color options, and rates. Once those details are agreed upon, you will email me your list of names, addresses and any other text that needs to be included in the lettering project. I also need your paper. Most clients choose to ship this to me, although if you are in the LA area, we may be able to arrange a drop-off. 

Your finished product will be delivered to you anywhere via UPS or your delivery method of choice.